Classic Black UGG Boots are some of the most looked for and purchased boots in the world! Many people not only love the boots for their comfort, but the classic look of Australian sheepskin boots combined with the color black offers what is known in the fashion world as a “must have” – these boots will go with practically anything and look great all the while.

For those shoppers who are searching for any of the styles of Classic Black UGG Boots, here is a list of what can be found for this fall and winter (2009-2010): 


For women: For the grown up ladies of the world, there is actually quite a nice selection of UGG boots in black from the Classic line! Of course one could expect to find the Classic Tall and Short, but there are also a few others to choose from that shoppers might not want to overlook:

Bailey Button in Black — Here is a version of the Classic Short boot from UGG Australia with the difference of open sides and large button closures. These boots are adorable and would go with just about anything. As other styles in the Classic collection, these have a twin faced sheepskin upper with a soft wool inner lining to keep feet warm and dry. A very stylish twist for the Classic!
Classic Cardy in Black — Many women now know about this boot. It has been around for going on a few years now and just keeps getting more and more popular. It features a crochet upper with buttons up the side to add versatility to the styles of the boot and some serious flair.
Argyle Knit in Black — This is a new boot added to the collection this year, and based on the looks of the boot I believe it is safe to predict that it will be a real hit! Knit upper with a lovely argyle pattern, inner sock of sheepskin to keep feet dry and warm.
Tall Wool in Black — This is also a new boot to the collection this year, and has much the same look as the original classic but with a stylish contrasting pom pom tie at the top of the boot shaft. It has cross stitching accents which add a rather “earthy” appearance.
For kids:
Classic Tall and Short — These are the “mainstays” of the kids boots from UGG, and perhaps will always be a favorite. Extremely comfortable with an inner soft sheepskin lining and an excellent choice for even the coldest of days.
Classic Marquis Knit — This is a new boot to the Kids Classic collection this year. It remains to be seen whether it will become a real favorite or not – but the appearance of the boot is lovely. Fun knit pattern for the upper, sheepskin inner sock lining and very stylish
There is the lineup from the Classic Black UGG Boots lineup this year — some gorgeous styles to choose from for both women and girls.

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