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PTE Academic Writing Sample Essay- Advantages & Disadvantages Of Video Games


In today’s technology of generation and development, our leisure manner have also visible a shift from outside video games to video games. Electronics enjoyment gadgets like video video games is extensive and is mainly famous among children. Its giant utilization has invited different perspectives from professionals. Their views are divided on the tremendous and poor effect of playing video video games.

Some experts are of the situs slot terpercaya 2021 opinion that gambling video video games increases kids’s intelligence at the same time as different specialists are mentioning its bad impact on kids’s health and psychology. Here I am discussing both execs and cons with valid points in conjunction with thought on minimizing its horrific outcomes in the following paragraphs.

Advantages (Positive Effects)

The researchers have discovered that playing video video games could increase children’s intelligence and increases brain electricity. Video video games serves both purpose of amusement and academic. Certain sorts of video games are particularly advanced to enhance capabilities, abilities like logical thinking and attention of consumer. The digital platform that the consumer are transported to at the same time as gambling games frequently encourage them to learn new matters. Example: Flying a plane in the game encourages baby to study the identical within the actual existence and hard situations found in the game will increase their problem fixing potential.

Disadvantages (Negative Effects)

However its cons can’t be omitted. With cutthroat competition in gaming industry, the developers are continuously adding new functions like objectives and rewards to make the sport more interesting and engaging for the users. As a result of this youngsters are spending hours playing them.

They have end up noticeably addictive to children ensuing in loss of sleep to compromising with different works like doing homework, analyzing, sports and many others. The research advise that spending long hours on pc or gaming console deliver upward push to weight problems in youngsters.

Most importantly the gaming customers are problem to violence in video video games which in flip will increase aggressive mind in kids. Example: “Grand Theft Auto” permits its customers to beat people, play missions, crash automobiles and a whole host of other violent things.

Minimizing Bad Effects

To minimize the unwell consequences of gaming especially health dangers, a distance must be maintained among the child and gaming console. Ensuring confined time of leisure and below person supervision, they can offer no longer handiest a laugh time to the child but additionally comprise big academic capability. Many organizations also are growing fun and gaining knowledge of programs like ‘Knowledge Adventure’ have evolved wonderful programs for child and infants.

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